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A Great Culture

Integrity. Teamwork. Respect.

Tecity Group is committed to attracting, developing and retaining a competent, creative and highly motivated workforce. We also advocate providing work-life balance, offering a competitive remuneration and benefits whilst providing opportunities for development and doing our-bit for the society

Employee Benefit

Relax, We’ve Got Your Back!

We take care of our employees in more ways than one. Our employee benefits include medical, dental, health screening and vision coverage for employees.  We believe quality time outside of the workplace is not only vital to our employees’ satisfaction but also critical to our mental health.  All employees are encouraged to take paid time off to relax, refresh and recharge.  We are family-centric and offer ‘Care Leave’ for employees to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, to care for your loved ones when they fall ill or simply be there for your loved ones.  We want you to know that you are supported as you support your loved ones.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Live It Up!

A Company that plays and eats together, stays together!  We gather regularly for Fit @Tecity events where we attend health and wellness talks, workshops and sports activities.   We enjoy each other’s company, and we have no shortage of reasons to have fun together.  We hold little ‘Curry Puff Fund’ catch-up sessions to connect with co-workers.  We eat pizzas and play pool at our cozy Collab Café or head downstairs for Happy-Hour drinks to unwind and chit-chat.  In short, we work hard, play hard and live our life to the fullest together!

Giving Back, Pay It Forward!

We believe in doing good, helping other people, and empowering our employees to do the same.  Employees can choose to use their ‘Care Leave’ to do your bit for the society by volunteering for a social cause.  Work takes on new meaning and become purposeful when you know that what you are doing 8 hours a day contributes toward the doing something beneficial for the common good.  Tecity Family Office donates annually a portion of its profits to Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, our philanthropic arm, which funds and supports hundreds of charities and projects.  Employees can also choose to volunteer with the Foundation on an ad-hoc basis if it is a cause that you are passionate about.

If that sounds good to you—then we welcome, YOU to join us!

Our Trainees

Working with Us (EN)

Heng Yao Hwee

Jerrick Sik


Wu Shuqing

Trainee Associate, Portfolio Management Support

Jun 2021 - May 2022

Trainee Associate, Investment

Dec 2021 - Jul 2022

Trainee Associate, Portfolio Management Support

May - Dec 2022

Trainee Associate, Investment

Jan - May 2023

Investing Wisely in

Achieving both professional and personal fulfilment at the workplace is always tricky but I am fortunate to have found the right balance at Tecity.

It has been an enriching decade with Tecity.  I value the growth opportunities given by the family, a good leadership who constantly drives us to seek improvements and yet are amazingly supportive and encouraging especially in turbulent times.

It was an enriching one-year internship journey with Tecity. The large-scale learning opportunities provided by the investment team broadened my horizon and cultivated maturity in my thinking, as I handled multiple projects. Moreover, the flat organisational structure here made discussions comfortable and easy. Truly glad to meet these professionals who have made my time with Tecity extraordinary and enjoyable.

Investing Wisely in

The Tecity Group invests heavily in its staff through training and continual education so that they will find fulfilment and empowerment in keeping abreast of the vast amount of knowledge that our web-enabled Age has unleashed.

Investing Wisely in
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